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soulight started this conversation

It seems that many people have been coming on Aidpage to ask for cash since the recent airing on the show 20/20 which featured a lady who recieved money from using a site such as this one.

Many people think that because this lady recieved help , they should recieve it too . After all , aren't we just like the lady on 20/20 ? We deserve help just as much as the next person.

But what happens when we recieve the help , but don't change our lifestyle ?

We have every intention that we are going to change. All we need is a clean slate and everything will be wiped away , and we will start over and never spend like that againn Right ? WRONG . Intentions aren't going to pay the bills.

Patterns tend to repeat themselves unless you make an effort to change them . It is too easy to say that as soon as our debt is erased , we will be totally good about our spending habits. Then something comes up that we have to have , or it won't be there the next time , or our friends want to go out and we aren't going to stay home and be lonely just because we don't have the cash , or we have a CRISIS and we have to use the money . or 'everyone has (fill in the blank) , and I am not going to be deprived anymore. I work hard , I deserve some fun' Then we get the credit card bill . We pay the minimum , because we need the cash for other more important things ,and GUESS WHAT ? in a couple of months , we have this HUGE credit card bill ,and we don't know what happened.




 !Af-flu-en-za n. 1. The bloated, sluggish and unfulfilled feeling that results from efforts to keep up with the Joneses. 2. An epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of the American Dream. 3. An unsustainable addiction to economic growth.


Why do people in our country think that we are ENTITLED to things ? We are blind . It is all for me ,and who cares about you. I want some more money because I am entitled to it. Who cares if your mom is dying and you don't know where you will get food for your kids ,and you have cancer. That's your problem. I have my own stuff to deal with.We are the 'Land of the Free' Free from what ? Reality ?

Whatever happened to loving your neighbor , or family helping family , or the whole neighborhood getting together to raise money for the Jonses because they are having a hard time ,and after all , they'd do it for us if we were down. People are hurting all around us , all the time ,and we don't give a crap anymore.

College students go to school and the first semester they are inudated with credit cards. When they graduate ,they will be rich , so why not use the card ? Then because they will be rich, why not start living in the lifestyle now ?

Husbands leave their wives and family because they are intitled to some happiness.

Families move away from each other so that they can make something of themselves and find their own way.



If anyone cares enough to read through this all the way through , then maybe you can be part of the cure for the sickness in this country .

Here are some solutions . It won't be overnight , instant , or free of hard work. You probably won't get any money out of it. Maybe a sense of integrity and knowing you are helping will be payment enough.


"Anyone--regardless of their net worth--
who belives that they must be rich, that more is always better,
is a self-condemned prisoner of the 'golden ghetto'."
-- Jessie H. O'Neill





 "For decades our political leaders have touted higher incomes as the way to better lives for us all. But after years of sustained economic growth, we must confront an awful fact: we aren’t any happier.
 Clive Hamilton’s bestselling book Growth Fetish is the first serious attempt at a politics of change for rich countries dominated by the sickness of affluence, where the real yearning is not for more money, but for authentic identity, and where the future lies in creating a society that promotes the things that really do improve our well-being " - HIGHLIGHTING MINE . I HAVEN'T READ THIS BOOK YET , BUT I AM CHECKING IT OUT OF THE LIBRARY AS SOON AS I CAN.






"We have become addicted to having rather than being and confusing our needs with our wants," -Oliver James



I WANT TO GET SOMETHING STRAIGHT. IN NO WAY DO I MEAN TO SAY THAT THERE PEOPLE WHO COME TO AIDPAGE THAT ARE NOT REALLY IN NEED. You can verify this by looking at my other Aidpages. Here are some people who are truely in need :


Lets take a look around, in my neighborhood, back in the 21st century.

Couple of doors down, theres a CTA bus driver. He has a beautiful 3 year old daughter. born brain damaged. His wife quit her job as a bank teller to take care of her. They are selling their little house now, to pay the medical bills with what little equity they can recover.

Across the street, theres a middle aged man, just sitting in his backyard. He had a good job, lost it in the recession. His wife left him, taking his two children, not because she didn't love him, but because that was all her parents could support. He can't get another job, even though he is skilled, employers don't hire people his age and Gods knows Bobblehead Chou's labor department makes FEMA look efficient.

Lets try a little time travel again. December 9th, 2002. Another middle aged man lies on the floor of his apartment, his pet cat cradled in his arms. Also lost his job in the recession. His cat looks up at him, meows horribly, and dies. He lays there for two days, not crying. You see there was no money to pay for a veterinarian, even to put her to sleep.

Lets jump around again. Lennie is a middle aged black woman, scraping out a living selling things in a little flea market on the south side of Chicago. A kind woman, she helped others even when she had nothing herself, even taking in some street children when they had no where else to go. Right now, she is sitting on the couch, her teenaged daughters arms around her. They had just been reunited after her daughter had ran away for several years. Well, not exactly ran away. been abused by a street gang, repeatedly, for a very long time.

Those are all true stories. I could tell many more, but I think I have made my point. - SCROLL PAST THE FIRST POSTER . SHE IS A GREAT EXAMPLE OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN EDUCATION AND IGNORANCE.








For assistance in finding free help :









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Old people rock
Hi, I need &100,000 so I can help 10 other people who,ar elderly like my self. We are old, but we are alive and deserve dignity and security.
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littlelacie   in reply to keen
you are welcome.
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keen   in reply to littlelacie
Thanks for at least intrested on my problem
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littlelacie   in reply to keen
We do not know any resources outside the US,sorry.
Talk to littlelacie
i bought a building 5 years ago when business was well. now i dont have money to pay the bill i have 5 children now if i cant pay the bill bank will take it away from me this after 21yrs of had labour this only what i have. if they take it am gone .am even looking who can buy it if possible is better than to loose everything am from POLAND
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NowWhat?   in reply to Mello2305
Excuse me. I have been thru debt counseling with CCCS, and i know for certain that the counselors work with you to create a budget and payment plan that is reasonable and will allow you to pay your other bills including gas and groceries.
I guess you thought that all you needed to say was that you were in debt counseling and you would get all kinds if free stuff huh? Too bad you chose this page to try your scam...... We happen to know how debt counseling works here, so it didnt work for you...... Your attempt does anger me tho, because there are truly so many people that genuinely need help..... But are too proud to even ask for it...... Yet you have no shame trying to lie and scam people for free stuff.
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missjanie   in reply to Mello2305
Hi, try going to it will give you a list of agencies that can help you with a variety of issues such as rent utilities food prescriptions etc, God Bless
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mello2305
For food call Church s and see which one give out food or call food pantries good luck
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I am on Debt Counselling. I am left with very little after everything is taken off to pay my debtors. I cannot afford to buy food or have enough for fuel to go to work during the month. Please help me.
Talk to Mello2305
Since i`m with out a perment job I`m realy struggling to build a low covenent house which atleast could accomodate me and my family. Please help assist me if you could. Thank you.
Talk to Ningi
I need help :(
I'm currently struggling with my monthly payments I have more going out that I have coming in, this is making me ill to the point my health is in jeopardy and am currently making hospital visits. I'm losing weight like there is no tomorrow, currently only weighing 7 stone at the age of 26 isn't good.
Me and my partner want to start a family but at the moment we are not in a good place to bring a child into the world when we can't afford to look after ourselves.

I am unable to feed myself and my partner each month as we don't have the cash.

Please help me :(
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I am a single mother of 3 children. I work very hard to be a good parent and my kids are turning out well. I am very proud of them. I have talk time to be self reliant polite to other people and loving to their family.
on October first I mailed in his personal mortgage payment to finish an entire payment section that would be applied to my loan. the company reserve the right to not accept partial payment and mail it back to me. for days later they sent forclosure notice. now do I not only 03 months of the mortgage I also 2000 dollars in lawyers fees. I knew that I was 2 months behind but I thought if I read that payment I would be able to hold through for another month.
I have talked with my mother and an agency in town about setting up a budget to pay the bills. I do want to pay all my bills and I do want to pay the all on time. I think just because I have been so behind it is hard to get caught up and send a good budget I am more than willing to do so. all of the stress from this is physically taking a toll on me I have a severe infection that I am taking antibiotics for and could not agree to say in the hospital because I can't afford to. I do want to be self reliant and I do want to get this taken care of. I am terrified of losing at home. I feel I just need a helping hand to get back on my feet. please say a prayer for us I don't know what else to do. -amy hunter
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We are a family of six from india uttarakhand that could use some finanical help.
i have 2 teenage brothers and 2 yonger sisters.Last year I ended up
in the hospital ICU to find out I have chest tumour in left side.

Problem is I do not have money to get cured of my disease i am the only one earner in the house and take care of my family please help me in turn helping six people to live happilyour household bills are just getting farther and farther behind. I feel like
I am a burden to my family. Its getting hard just to put food on the table.
If anyone out there could send a little help our way I would be so grateful.
God bless
sonu kumar singh
Talk to rahul
god bless.. i cant ever keep gas and other money to hlep take care of my daughter cause it goes all to the gov. ... i can never caught a break..
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godbless them .pleashelp us all lord
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This has been an inspiration to me. This is my first time at this site. And i found my way here to see if I can find some of your links that will be helpful to me. I just can't get over how much this article sounds like what i was thinking. When I came on here and started reading I felt so over whelmed by all the posts here. Any way just wanted to pat you on the back. Thanks, Splenda

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Thank you , Mist Teri !

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Mist Teri

Oh wow, this was so good it bears being seen by all again! Soulight, you really do provide some wonderful "food for thought" and resources.

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Bless you Soulight, For it is you who has shared so much knowledge here. There are some good people in the world. You are truly one of them. Take care.

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Anonymous40784, Thank you so much for your support. It makes me feel good that someone else has feelings like I do. Please forgive me for not saying so earlier. soulight

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